While the Lion Naps

My little lion Art Director is napping in the sunshine on his favorite comforter the morning!

This is certainly an opportunity for me to post my dog treat French Fry Box.
I love punch art and saw this Bull Dog on Ellen Kemper’s Blog. I just had to make him. He is so sassy and silly!

I am sure Cecil would not approve of this post, but ” my self” said, post it, he will never know, he’s napping! After thinking about for 1/2 a second, I agreed and decided to do it! LOL! He is made with mostly oval punches.
I hope he brings a smile to your face and gets your week started off right!

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  1. pamela says:

    The treat box is so cute! BTW, Cecil called Brownie up last night and expressed his displeasure with you making doggie treat french fry holders.