My Princess Box!

I knew if I said I loved my Paper Pumpkin, some of you would go ugh! and not even read my blog today. That's right, I am talking about you.  Want to know why I love it?  I am going to tell you anyway!

  • The #1 reason is because I hate waiting!  I spend so much time waiting these days.  My Princess Kit makes it all better.  I was waiting for my mom while she was in physical therapy.  I took out my Princess Kit, and in a matter of moments, I had forgotten that the TV was way too loud and I still had 59 minutes and 30 seconds left to wait.
  • The # 2 reason I love my paper pumpkin is because it has everything I need in it!  It has it's own little case, and all I need is my paper snips and a block(whis comes with your very first kit)!  It makes me feel organized!

Now, you will never convince me that it is not worth $20 a month, to bring you a little peace and tranquility!  Here is this months kit that I finished while I was waiting!   I am going to give it to my mom along with a small gift in the little bag I made after I got home.IMG_6871

My little gift bag has snaps on it to keep it closed.  Wouldn't you know they were so strong, I was afraid they would tear the bag.   I used my smallest hole punch to cut and a glue dot to make them easier to separate! 

IMG_6872Here is a video to show you how easy my Princess Kit was to put together and made me forget I was waiting!

If you want to learn more about paper pumpkin click here!