WOW! So Much Stampin’ Up Fun!

This past weekend so very, very inky!  I hope you had as much inky fun as I did.  Saturday was awesome!  I had a workshop with new to seasoned stampera.  We made a few things and hopefully they all enjoyed their Stampin' Up expierence!  Then on Sunday, I opened up my craft room to all my stamping friends to come, hang out, use my stamps, inks and tools!  WOW! What a great time that was (except for the fact that I laughed so hard that I am totally sore today).   I always new that Stampin' was alot of fun but  never had this much fun in so short of a time!

As always, I love all the ideas that my stamping friends bring to these events!  You are the need that feeds my creative abilities, so I want to thank all of you who attended my workshop on Saturday or my Stamp Day on Sunday!  Here is a card that I was inspired to make on Sunday by my awesome stamping friends! IMG_5100I just heard somebody say…."OMG what was she thinking to post that plain card?"   Well, just sit back. take a deep breath and hold onto your socks because the next picture may just blow them right off!  Here is the inside of the card!IMG_5104Seriously, aren't you feeling a little bit silly just now?   A triple pop up card with the new For Peeps Sake stamp set inside of a simply plain rcard!  I love the suprise effect of this card!  Again, I want to thank all of you who attended my workshop on Saturday and the Stamp Day on Sunday for the fabulous inspiration you provided me!   Even my art director was talking about this card and how a kitty snack would make it look even better!  You ladies are awesome! Thank you!