2 Fabulous Swap Cards!

Well, seems like my fabulous PINK surprise has been delayed.  I am so disappointed.  Maybe tomorrow.     Sorry, I got you all excited for nothing.

Here are 2 fabulous swaps that Arlene and I made for regionals.  They are fabulous for several reasons, one is that Shelli signed them and the other reason is that they were of course mad by the fabulous pink sisters (me & Arlene).  OUCH, I think I might have hurt myself patting my own back.  We had so much fun on our trip to Charlotte!   Here are our cards, and yes mine is not pink the pink one, I waited until the night before leaving to make mine and since Arlene's were pink, I decided to make something that wasn't pink.  Shelli liked it but I bet if it had been pink she would have really liked it!!

Have a fabulous day!

Hint hint, my signature is part of the fabulous pink

thing surprise!