Always Get Your Coffee First!

It is finally Friday!  I am so very happy!  My assisted living class was a disaster yesterday.   I had to ask 2 people to leave the room because they would not stop talking, one was a brand new resident.  Both apologized and went right back to talking.   My ladies love the class and could not hear me, they were getting pretty upset.   Again, I tried to get some control and explained that this was a class where I help you, not a class where I do it for you.  Needless to say we will try to finish the class next week.   

Yesterday morning I had gotten a big box of stuff from the upcoming Hoilday catalog.  I had looked at everthing and was starting my first card before I had to leave.  I was not in the mood to finish my card after class.  Instead we had dinner and I admired my stuff and made some notes  as what I wanted to do today. 

As soon as I got up, I went to start the laundry, no bleach, ok I decide to make a quick trip to get some.  I lock my self out.  No keys, but I do have my phone and I run into a friend in the parking lot and ask her to take me to get my keys from my friend.  Let my self in get my car keys and try it again.  Finally, Coffee!  Unfortunately now the Art Director is awake and in Hurricane mode, and I end up with both cats sitting on the card I am trying to finish.   Thinking to my “self” I should have listened to you and just not hired a new director.  Of course my “self” is laughing at me, and saying I told you so!

Here is my card!

Don’t you just love the new stamp set?  It is called Pleasant Pheasants.  It also has a stamp of a wheel barrow full of pumpkins and a bucket full of gourds.  The phesants are colored with my water color pencils and blender pen.    We will be making this at my class next Wednesday!  Check out my calendar and RSVP!


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  1. veronica says:

    OMG, I am so sorry…that’s a rough couple of days. Don’t listen to your “self” about that art director, though. She’s a gem! 🙂