Can you believe it???

I have finally, finished the last thank you and wedding favor! One of my club members told me last week that I had been working this wedding since she had met me. After, club was over, I thought about it and even though I had only met her a few months ago, she was right. I really haven’t been working all the time on this project, it was just done in batches. If you have ever paid for a wedding, you know it’s not really cheap and I was doing it as the bride to be could afford. I admit, I have know exactly what needed to be done to be finished for about a month and instead of tackling it head on, well, ah, OK….the new holiday mini came out, my order came in with all my new toys and then it was…..what wedding? After my reality check at club, I got busy this weekend and finished everything!

Here is the original sample for the invitations. The bride to had this made into a photo, and sent it out with her wedding date on the back. Then I made the RSVP, and the invitations, that she sent out 2 weeks
later. She had almost every one RSVP.

Here are the pictures of the finished favors and Thank yous!
Well since I have finished this project, I am off to play with my new Christmas stamps. The smell of new rubber stamps makes me stamp happy! They are so sad in that unstamped state.

Stampin‘ every day whether I need to or not,