Cheers To That!

I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet…. I just can’t make another Christmas card.  I made a New Year’s Card.  I seem to be completely addicted to the Ice Glitter.  I just can’t put it down.  I used the stamp set Cheers to that.   The picture did not come out good, I chose the best of 10 to post.  Today has kinda been a Monday all day!The saying which I embossed with some cheap embossing powder (because I have either lost my SU embossing powder or Izzy has rolled it away, never to be found) says Raise Your Glass  –To The New Year–.   I know at least 3 of you are going to comment that Izzy would never do that!  LOL!  Trust me it does happen, I had to go buy some scrunchies for my hair yesterday because I could not find a single one!

Note to my self, reorder white embossing powder.    Here are the supplies I used except for white embossing!

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  1. Donna Gotsch says:

    Very pretty! Good job.

  2. Veronica says:

    Loooove the colors! See, purple is beautiful. 😉

  3. Susie says:

    Beautiful card!