Free Stuff with rules?? Oh No!

I'm having a fabulous time here at the SU convention, but when they gave us the New Holiday Mini catalogs and they announced there were rules, my head snapped up so fast I almost gave myself whiplash.  Goodness,  everyone who knows me, knows that I have a really hard time following rules.  Oh no, I see some trouble headed my way.   The new mini is not available until September 1, and the RULE was we can not share any of the products until then, but we can share completed projects.   

Well I just went thru 130 pictures I took today and I found 1 picture that didn't have actual new product in it.  So I can post that here, please if I missed something that looks like product in this picture, well just don't look!  It would be a little bit embarrassing to be carried off by the SU police tomorrow during the general session.    I would not go willingly, it would be more like kicking and screaming.  During the general sessions is when they give us FREE STUFF. Sometimes they give it to all of us, and then other times they have a thing called Prize Patrol.  Prize patrol is when you get stamp sets and other loot. If your wrist band matches the color picked you get stamps, paper, embellishments etc.  There is no way I'm leaving and missing the Free Stuff.

They didn't say I couldn't give you a hint or two……   Check back tomorrow for a chance to play my version of prize patrol.

Happy Stamping!