Get Well Veronica!

Wow, my friend Veronica is really sick with a nasty cold. She recently hosted a Stampin’ Up party and got 2 hostess sets and $65 in free merchandise from her party. Her big box of goodies arrived a few days ago and she didn’t even have the energy to open it. Oh my goodness, how could this happen to such a nice talented person as Veronica? Knowing how much she loved Stampin’ Up, I was sure she wasn’t going to make it, since that box of really cool, neato SU stuff was unopened. I jumped in my little VW bug, went to the store bought several different kinds of juice/Gatorade and went over to make sure it wasn’t so…..yep there she was a box of unopened free stuff, and looking kinda sickly…well, I gave her lots of fluids, opened up that box of FREE stuff and then it happened…..she seemed to feel better. I’m sure it was my imagination, but when I left she was fondling one of her many free stamp sets and smiling. Can’t wait for her to get well so “we”(as in me and her) can play with her new toys. When I got home I was inspired to make these Get Well Cards! Now, to decide which one to send her. Get Well Veronica!

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  1. Jen K says:

    I'd be happy to go over there and help her open it!! LOL!! 😀 😀 Get better, V.