Once you walk thru that door of “our” beach house to head home…..well, let’s just say it is a rude awakening.  It is like you have just woke up from a super warm fuzzy dream, where you are having a WONDERFUL time with your favorite beach girls, eating all of your favorite things, walking on the beach, scrap booking memories, sharing little bits of yourself that no one else will ever see and suddenly you have returned to the real world.  Not so warm and fuzzy anymore.  Well, it will all be okay, because we have already started planning our next trip!  Woohoo… next March, we’ll come sliding into Ocean Isle Beach, to our special beach house and it will be like we never left! 

All of the fun and creativity bouncing around this special beach house will make you super charged and you’ll be creating up a storm.  Here are some of the fabulous things I made this past week and some of my super memories, that I will be scrap  booking in March.

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Wish I was still stamping by the sea!