I just had to do "it"!

Tonight was the Punch art class, and if you measure fun in the amount of mess that was made tonight, well let’s just say we had a BLAST! After everyone left, I started to clean up my stamp room, and then that’s when it happened, everything spiraled out of control when I saw “it”. There “it” was….my Elegant Lines embossing folder, just lonely and laying on the table. Well, I tried to ignore it, really I did! Now, just as there began to be more evidence that underneath all that scrap paper and pile of punches, there really was a table under there, “it” was now staring at me. Okay, I know I needed to get ready for bed, but I just couldn’t….I had to stamp just one card with that folder. I promise my next post will not be of the Elegant Lines embossing folder!

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  1. catherine says:

    GIRL!! You are cracking me up.