I’ve been helping out a longtime family friend this week.   My UEA (unpaid executive assistant aka

  husband ) and his best friend Ave go way back, like back to before college.   Anyway, Ave has been out of work for quite some time and has been taking care of his daughters baby.   Last week he go a job and baby Sullivan needed some place to stay!   Yep, that’s right Sullivan has been hanging out with me and my stamp room has been bouncing for the last 2 days!
That’s Sullivan in his bouncy chair.   He loves to bounce, it makes me tired just watching him!   I was thinking how lucky his mom was and I decided to make some cards for the tiny babies at Rex Hospital.   My friend Arlene works in the Neo-natal ICU and she is going to put them on the incubators during Valentine’s.

While he was napping today I tried to learn how to watermark my photos.   Sullivan is not really copyrighted by SU!   :0)  

Here are some the cards that my little buddy inspired me to make today!



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  1. Avelino says:

    Hey Teresa! I'm glad the little guy is proving to be so inspirational! I do have to admit that he can be a lot of fun despite the almost constant attention he requires! I was glad to see him this evening for a while after arriving from work in Greenvile – whew! Keep on blogging … I know everyday will be different! Love you guys!