It’s Monday already? How did that happen?

Wow! I can’t believe it is Monday already.   Where did that 4 day weekend go?  I don’t want it to be over because,  I’ve been given a challenge by a friend.   Well, I am suppose to go to one of the oh so many craft blogs and pick a challenge and make the card and post it.   The first Monday challenge, was to make a card with at least 10 flowers on it, in different ways.  ‘Self’ said to me, get over it, you know you aren’t into that kind of card, lets look for another one we can BLING IT UP!    Now bling is one of my favorite things to put on my cards, so back to the list of Monday challenges.   Oh my, there were 96 more Monday challenges.  I told my ‘self’ that I was going to do the first one we looked at EVEN if we were stepping out of our warm fuzzy comfort zone.
Okay, it was done, picture uploaded and ready to post.  Then I thought, I can’t post that, and so I waited, finally I decided, ok, I made the silly card and I’m posting it.  Time to move on, make something with some bling, pink bling, that”ll make me happy, happy!   Seriously, I’m not making up this, the internet was down, then the power went out.   So with out anymore delays here is my Monday challenge.   Maybe, if I had made it pink I would like it better.
So, I am off to bling it up with some pink!
Happy Stampin’ from outside my warm fuzzy comfort zone!

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  1. Becky says:

    It might not be pink but I think it is adorable. I think this challenge was too easy for you.

  2. Teresa Buchholz says:

    Thanks Becky!

  3. MicheleV says:

    Your card is so fun – I love how it turned out! had a giggle reading your post too – thanks for that!

  4. Gloria Stengel says:

    That image is adorable! And it's got flowers galore! Thanks for playing at 365 Cards!