So Much Can Happen In A Week!

Last Tuesday was a very sad day for me. After 16 fabulous years, I finally said goodbye to my cute little car. 

I loved that car, but it was hard for me to get into and driving him had become almost impossible for me these days.  I finally, listened to my husband and started to think about a new car.  It took me almost a month the decide to part with my bug.  He was replaced with a fire engine red Mazda CX5 last Tuesday.  It is amazing how much difference 16 years makes in a car. 

I went to Orlando on Wednesday to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo.  I was amazed at the things I saw on the way to the Expo.  First, there was the hotel lobby, with a pirate ship, cute little shops and for a touch of wildness, it even had real alligators!  I finally made it to the Expo, it was quite overwhelming!  I guess I am just a Stampin' Up addict and don't  keep up with other companies.  I made some really cute make and takes and took a few classes.  The first class was early and I didn't have time to get coffee….eek!  I attempted to make this cute Disney album and failed.  Here are pictures of the instructor's album









My next class was a card class and very successful!  Maybe that album was just not for me! I love these cards and I'm working on stepping up my Stampin' Up flowers with what I learned in this class.



Here are a few of the other things I made while I was there!









I had a great time and I am stampin' like a crazy old stamp lady today!  I am ready to try some new things, but it's good to be home!

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  1. Maureen Lambe says:

    Hi Teresa,
    How exciting for you to attend the expo. I like all your new cards.