Stampin’ Up and Coronavirus

This week Stampin’ Up addressed the Coronavirus and it’s possible problems for SU products.  I have had some questions about how shipping which is already slow may be affected  so I wanted to post what the home office sent to demonstrators.  Here is what they sent us.

Coronavirus and Stampin’ Up!

You’ve probably been watching updates about the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, along with the rest of the world. We have as well, and we have been in regular contact with our employees and suppliers in China since our last update about the extension of Chinese New Year. You’ve also probably heard announcements from major retailers regarding their supply chain slowing as a result of Coronavirus impact to raw goods supply, manufacturing, and transportation. It’s likely that these delays in production and shipments coming out of China will affect Stampin’ Up!, though we do not yet know to what extent.

The Chinese government is requiring factories to complete a strict approval process before reopening, including an inspection by a government official. If a factory is not approved, they have to get back into the queue to have inspectors come again. And many of the factories that have reopened are not working at full capacity because employees have been unable to make it back to their homes.

Even when factories are able to catch up on production, our larger concerns are with the difficulty we anticipate for getting those products out of China. Many roads are still closed and transporting items to ports will be difficult. And once there, we are only one small company out of thousands trying to get their products out of China. While we would normally try to airfreight delayed products, the limited number of planes flying in and out of China makes this solution improbable.

We will do everything we can to limit the impact to you, but we want you to be aware of the potential difficulties and delays. As we gather new information from our employees and other contacts in China, we will let you know. In the meantime, consider focusing on the stamping basics in your upcoming events. Stamps, ink, and paper are the building blocks of creativity and we have more flexibility in the production of most of these items.

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  1. Gwen Thompson says:

    Hi Teresa, Thanks for sending! I’m planning to do my part this weekend.

    Hope all is well with you and your family!