Who knew?

This past Saturday we had terrible storms here in Raleigh.   My family and friends are all safe and even if we didn't have any damage, some are without a place to stay.  My heart goes out to them and I am feeling remorse about my attitude over the storm.   My attitude was  just bad and selfish.  

I had just come home from the SUpreme Stampers Soiree and was full of ideas.  This is where all of the demonstrators in my group get together to stamp and share.  It is one of the awesome benefits of being a demonstrator!  When I got home,  I was ready to stamp, I always get so fired up when I see what the other demos have been doing.    My UEA (unpaid executive assistant,  aka husband Don) and I went out to grab some lunch and as we returned home, minutes away from me escaping to my stamping room, the garage door wouldn't open.  Hmmmm….must be something wrong with the door.   NOTHING wrong with the garage door that a little power couldn't fix.  The power was out, and the storm was just beginning, not even a rain drop yet.   How can you stamp when it is dark, ugly,  and there is no power to plug in your embossing gun?????   Now the bad attitude begins.  I am looking at all the great cards I made at Soiree and wanting to stamp.  

Alrighty now, no stamping, no internet, no power, no lights.  My attitude continued to best me, I went to put on a cooler shirt since there was no A/C, no lights in my closet, nice!   Attatudy on the loose!  I can't even tell you how many times I flipped on the lights out of habit.   It is hard to believe that I was safe, sound and clueless to what was happening around me.   I guess, I need to stock up on some batteries, so next time we at least have a radio. 

If you would like to see some of the super cool stuff my demo friends made, click on the image for  a larger picture.

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