November 30, 2010
Great news! The Watercolor Wonder Crayons are now available for purchase.  The Watercolor Wonder Crayons were delayed due to a relocation of our supplier. SU now has inventory and you can start ordering today!
When you  receive your Watercolor Wonder Crayons, you may notice that some of the crayon sleeves feature old artwork on them. This does not affect the quality of the crayons; we simply need to deplete inventory of crayons with the old artwork before we use crayons featuring the new artwork.
Use the following item numbers to purchase your Watercolor Wonder Crayons:

  • 120949 New Color Kit (if you already had all the crayons before the color renovation you can just order this kit to update your sets)
  • 119802 Subtles
  • 119803 Regals
  • 119804 Brights
  • 119805 Neutrals

Thanks for your patience!  

I am placing an order tonight @ 8pm (est),  so if you would like to order, email me today while SHIPPING is still  FREE!  Free shipping end tonight. 


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    Teresa would you please email me at ionass@comcast.net because I have a question for you. Love your blog and I couldn't help but notice your last name. Please email me. Thank you.