NEW STAMPIN’ UP CLUB Begins, Saturday January 26th!

I know you want to see what we will be making so here are 2 of the projects we will be making!


There is a third card that we will be making and a 3-d nugget holder for everyone who attends and joins club this time! Okay, you know I have a hard time with keeping surprises so here is the 3-d project!

That’s it so if you want to see the 3rd and best card, you’ll have to come on Saturday the 26th at 2pm to my studio to see it! Even if you don’ t want to join our Stampin’ Up club you can attend and make the 3 cards for a fee of $10. You won’t get to make the cutie 3-d project, and you won’t be eligible for hostesses credits, but you will leave with 3 fabulous hand made cards! Try getting that at the local card store!
Hoping to see you on Saturday!